On the Beaten Path

Located near the gaming town of Cripple Creek, the famed Molly Kathleen Gold Mine and the Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company, Victor Colorado is on the well-traveled Gold Belt Scenic Byway, a favorite of sightseers and outdoor enthusiasts. Its unique location on the sunny southern slope of Pikes Peak – plus a handful of iconic eventssuccessful entrepreneurs and businesses and local attractions – currently draws visitors to Victor Colorado.

Shaped by History
Victor Colorado aims to retain its Victorian character and authenticity, as well as its relaxed nature, quirky originality and connection to a storied past. After all, what other town decides its name by pulling one out of a hat? Or hits gold when digging a hotel foundation?  Or, after burning to the ground, rebuilds a downtown serving 18,000 people in just six months? Victor Colorado’s mining and railroad heritage continues to influence it today, from its turn-of-the-century downtown to the mining equipment that dots the surrounding hillsides.


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Victor is on the well-traveled Gold Belt Scenic Byway

Explore Your New Hometown

If you’re looking for a live/work environment, Victor Colorado is both welcoming to new residents and open to entrepreneurial ideas. You’ll find a friendly, relaxed hometown in the high Colorado wilderness with diverse recreational opportunities year round.